Atkins Music Center

Throughout this agreement, the student receiving the musical lessons or the parent or

guardian is referred to as “student”.

 ENROLLMENT FOR NEW STUDENTS: Lessons begin at the start of each month.  The initial enrollment tuition is for no less than 8 weeks.  If the student isn't fully committed to at least 8 consecutive lessons there is very little we can do for the student. The fee for a NEW STUDENT is $_________per week for the first 8 weeks for a total of $______________

 TUITION: After the initial enrollment term, tuition is on a month-to-month basis and is based on the your weekly rate multiplied by the number of days in the month you would meet. This price guarantees the student a minimum of four lessons per month provided the student shows up for the lesson at the scheduled time and date.  However some months will have 5 days which would increase the tuition for that month.

 REGISTRATION FEES: There are no registration fees.  New students or re-enrolling students are required to pay for 8 weekly consecutive lessons.  After that, lessons are purchased on a month to month basis

 LATE PAYMENT FEES: The monthly tuition payment for private instruction must be received by Atkins Music Center on or before the last lesson of the current month.  Failure to make payment in a timely manner will result in re-enrollment as a new student.  Re-enrollment requires an 8 week commitment and is on a first come, first serve basis.  Remember, some teachers have a waiting list.  When payment is not made in a timely fashion those on the waiting list will be called.  If you ask us to delay a payment and/or hold your time and day this will only be considered with a $25 hold/late fee.

 BOUNCED CHECK FEES: If the student writes a check to Atkins Music Center for tuition, and if that check is returned to Atkins Music Center due to insufficient funds, the student is required to reimburse Atkins Music Center $40.00 overdraft fee and $25.00 late payment fee.

 MATERIALS: Lesson materials (necessary books and paper) are required based on teacher discretion and must be purchased when required.

 EQUIPMENT: Students must have their own instrument.  We provide amplifiers and keyboards.

 MUSIC LESSONS EVERY WEEK: Students are expected to attend musical lessons on a continuing basis from week to week on the same day and at the same time.

 SUMMER MUSIC LESSONS: To avoid setting back the student’s progress, music lessons are held during summer months. If a student does not attend summer lessons and wishes to re-enroll, the student will be considered a new student.

 HOLIDAYS AND VACATION: Time off from lessons for pre-scheduled vacations less than three weeks long will not require re-enrollment. Lessons falling on the following holidays will not occur –

     New Year’s Eve

     New Year’s Day
     Good Friday
Easter Day
        Memorial Day
of July
    Labor Day
Christmas Eve
    Christmas Day

 MISSED MUSIC LESSONS: If the student misses a lesson for any reason, payment is still required and will not be refunded. This is to continue to reserve the student’s lesson spot in the schedule, and if the student chooses to not attend that meeting for any reason, that time is still reserved even if the student is not at their lesson.

 RESCHEDULING MAKE-UP MUSIC LESSONS: Lessons will not be rescheduled.

 WHEN WE MUST CANCEL YOUR LESSON:  We pledge to do our very best to always be here for your scheduled lesson.  However, we realize that may not always be possible.  If your instructor must cancel your scheduled lesson, you will be given a full cash refund equal to an amount of your weekly lesson amount at your next lesson.

 TERMINATING  LESSONS: Lessons may be canceled at any time by simply not paying the upcoming month's tuition.  No refunds will be given for early cancellations.

PRACTICING: Students may be given a homework assignment at the end of a lesson. Each student will be expected to complete their assignment prior to their next lesson.  If the student did not practice the best approach would be to come to your lesson and tell the instructor.  This will prevent the instructor from moving on before the student is ready to do so.

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