Our Instructors

•Stephen Gallo--Guitar--$20 per half hour
Stephen is one of Connellsville's newest, brightest, and hippest guitar performer and songwriter.  He earned a degree in Professional Music from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, graduating with Honors.  Stephen brings with him a fresh approach to guitar instruction that blends traditional music theory with new, modern techniques and styles.

•Josuha Ben--Voice--$20 per half hour

Joshua Studied piano performance at Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh.  Teaches piano from beginner to advanced as well as jazz piano.  Expert on theory and technic.


•Gene McFadden --Guitar--$20 per half hour
Gene is our longest tenured instructor.  His ability to break down a song and teach it to even the most inexperienced guitarist is legendary.  He never ceases to amaze his students with how easily he can make even the most complex pieces of music become playable by the end of a lesson.  He has performed professionally at every level with much success, and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down whatsoever.

•Sandra (Brown) Millward--Violin, Singing (young beginner)--$20 per half hour
Sandy was raised in a family with strong musical traditions. A violin student from a very early age, Sandy, has been playing, performing, and teaching violin/fiddle for over 15 years. Along with her siblings, Sandy was a founding member of the Stonee Ridge Band, acting as lead vocalist and fiddle player. Although classically trained, Sandy's musical versatility now ranges from country and bluegrass to rock and roll and everything in between. Currently furthering her education in Early Childhood Development, Sandy is committed to unlocking the mysteries, and exposing the joys of the violin for students of all ages.

•Dave "Cabby" Quairiere--Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele--$20 per half hour
Cabby arguably is the best guitarist to ever come out of this area.  He sees and feels music in a way that is completely different than how the average person is able to perceive it, yet, his ability to convey to his students the secrets of the guitar is simplistic and amazing.  What you learn from Cabby will last you a lifetime.

•Dane Shultz--Woodwind, Brass, Percussion--$25 per half hour
 Mr. Shultz has been a music teacher in the Connellsville Area School District for many, many years.  Primarily focusing on elementary students, Dane is by far the best around for not only teaching his students to play, but teaching them to perform under any circumstances, or at any venue.  He has few demands of his students but they must practice.  His private students have a considerable advantage over those who simply learn during the school year.  His expertise prepares his students for orchestra, marching band, and eventually college.

 •Faith Slagle--Violin, Piano--$20 per half hour
Faith began teaching here a few years ago, soon after she graduated from college with a degree in String Pedagogy. She is perhaps the finest violin instructor we have had in this area in a long time.  Her students range in age from 6-70, and it does not take long before they are playing tunes on the violin or piano.  Her belief is that everybody is different, and she is more than able and willing to adapt her knowledge to suit and fit her students' best interests.

•Amber Trump--Voice, Piano, Violin--$20 per half hour

 Amber is graduate of Seton Hill, and a full time music teacher in the Laurel Highlands School District.  Her primary passion is music and she is fearless in her approach to performing and teaching.  Many of her students have gone on to study music in college and play professionally.  Others, have formed their own local bands, and still others have received acting/singing parts in local theater productions.

•David Watson--Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo--$20 per half hour
 David is a former student here at Atkins Music Center, and a highly accomplished mandolin player. He recently won the West Virginia Mandolin State Championship. He brings his love for music and his talent for sharing his knowledge and passion to each and every student.  Young or old, David is able to communicate the science of music, while simultaneously unlocking the mysteries of the instrument.  The result is an enjoyable, fast paced, journey, to a life long ability to play a musical instrument. 

•Jane Staranko--Piano, Voice--$20 per half hour

Jane has been sharing music with students for over 20 years.  She is the current Choral Director at Charleroi Middle School.  Her students are prepared for auditions, recitals, and performances.  Jane believes we all have a voice to sing with, sometimes we just need help finding it.  Jane is an expert in finding your true voice.  She helps you hone and fine tune it, that gives you the confidence to sing out loud.
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